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Simplify Your Property Investing Life

Drawing from extensive experience in long-term and short-term rental operations, Sulifeinn specialize in value-added property management. We facilitate comprehensive investment real estate income enhancement for our clients.

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Upfront Payout

Receive an advance payment of up to one year's rent to accelerate your return of investment upon program eligibility and contract commitment.

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Eliminate Vacancy

Reduce wait time and start earning at close of escrow.


Maximize Income

Increase property rental income by an average of 40% through our value-added services.

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Minimize Repair Cost

Reduce repair cost and benefit from our included professional maintenance team.

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Increase Property Value

Achieve home appreciation through furnishing and design update, and other services.


Concierge Cleaning

Hotel/serviced apartments style cleaning and concierge service at a competitive price.

Your Strategic Partner in Property  Investment.

We are with you, every step along the way, including the property buying process.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about real estate investments and to provide ongoing support as you work to build wealth through these investments.


Our services include helping you understand the potential for wealth creation through real estate investments, providing guidance on choosing the right investment property, assisting in finding and working with the right real estate agent, and helping you manage your property effectively after purchase.

Sulife Themed Living Space

One space, endless possibilities

We specialize in transforming vacant spaces within the property into innovative, personalized environments tailored to your preferences.


We employ cutting-edge technology to offer seamless transformation of the living space without the need for costly renovations. These themed spaces provide the tenants and visitors with an unparalleled experience while increase the rebook rate and enable the property owner to charge higher rental rates.



Long-term contract, upfront payment

You've made the wise move to invest in real estate, but running it as a rental is a hassle. You could try to put it up on Airbnb or even find a co-host; however, incomes are never guaranteed.

With our lease-to-manage program, we will lease your property with a long-term contract, pay you the contract term in-full upfront, and manage/maintain the property instead.

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Earn More With Less Wasted Space

Whether is converting a room into a multifunctional studio, or turning the unused garage into a four-star hotel, we have you covered with our specialty products.

Flexible Space

Limitless potential for recreating a karaoke room, dance studio, sports bar, or a personalized romantic setting for your occupants.

Smart Furniture

Increase space utilization, and create a unique experience in every room within the property - turn the stay into a staycation.


Convert the car garage into a studio-size, 4-star-hotel standard living space. Instant increase in income - guaranteed.

Amplify With Upgrades

We understand what it takes to wow the audience. Our home improvement team will assess your property to make necessary updates, including extra restrooms, and equip/convert the home into a Smart Home with our proprietary Smart Home products.

Complimentary Improvements

We will perform upgrade for the interior and exterior of your property.

Smart Home Integration

We will enhace your occupant's living experience with our smart home gadgets.

Bath Upgrades? Checked

If when suitable, we can add an extra bathroom to your property.


About Us

Established in 2020, our organizational strengths encompass a proficient property investment income model based on big data. Additionally, we possess distinct value-added capabilities in unique themed space construction and boast a highly skilled team of professionals for efficient maintenance and operation.


We have transformed and operated more than 300 properties, significantly enhancing the living experience and amplifying investment returns.

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Whether you are ready to work with us or have questions that need to be answered, reach out today! We provide complimentary consultations.

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