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Increase your property value and rental income through co-living space

Leveraging our vast expertise in long-term and short-term rental operations, Sulifeinn excels in value-added property enhancements and professionally managing your property as co-living investment. Our streamlined approach empowers you to cultivate stable, long-term income through our partnership.

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Upfront Payout

Receive the first year's rent paid in full upfront to accelerate your return on investment upon program eligibility and contract commitment

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Eliminate Vacancy

We take over and begin managing the property at the close of escrow - reducing any wait time for rental profit.


Increase Income

Increase property rental income by an average of 40% through our value-added services.

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Minimize Repair Cost

Reduce repair cost and benefit from our included professional maintenance team.

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Maximize Property Value

Achieve home appreciation through furnishing and design update, and other services.


Professional Cleaning

Upkeep your property through our expert cleaning team with over 25 years of experience.

Maximize space utility and boost income through co-living.

Co-living is a modern and innovative concept that offers a unique living experience, perfectly blending privacy with social interaction.


As a homeowner or investor, embracing co-living opens doors to a plethora of benefits. By choosing co-living, you can maximize your property's earning potential by converting it into multiple rentable units, thereby increasing your return on investment.


Our expert management team takes care of all the day-to-day operations, ensuring hassle-free property management while optimizing occupancy rates. With our tailored services, you can enjoy a steady rental income stream and build long-term wealth.


Join us in the exciting world of co-living and unlock the immense potential that this thriving trend has to offer.


Long-term contract, upfront payment

You've made the wise move to invest in real estate, but running it as a rental is a hassle. You could put it up on Airbnb or even find a co-host; however, incomes are never guaranteed. ​


With our proprietary lease-to-manage business model, we will lease your property with a 5-year contract, pay you the contract term in total upfront, and manage/maintain the property instead. We implement value-added features to your property that lasts beyond our partnership.

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Earn More With Less Wasted Space

Maximize your earnings by transforming regular rooms into private, multi-functional spaces. By leveraging our expertise in space optimization, we can assist you in reimagining your properties to accommodate multiple occupants while ensuring privacy and comfort. This innovative approach allows you to increase the rental income significantly.


Furthermore, we understand the importance of creating attractive common areas that foster a sense of community and enhance the overall living experience. By designing fun and engaging shared spaces, we can attract more tenants, making the property even more desirable and profitable for you.

Technology-drive Smart Homes

We revolutionize real estate management with high-tech solutions while providing tenants an enhanced living experience. Our innovative smart home products offer easy property access through Smart Access, heightened security with Smart Protection, customized/automated lighting, and more with Smart Experience.


About Us

Established in 2020, our organizational strengths encompass a proficient property investment income model based on big data. Additionally, we possess distinct value-added capabilities in unique themed space construction and boast a highly skilled team of professionals for efficient maintenance and operation.


Our parent company was established in 1989, and we've evolved to become the largest signage installation company in Southern California. Our unwavering promise to consistently deliver top-notch services to our clients enabled us to establish a strong network of over 23,000 agents before branching into rental management.


We have transformed and operated more than 300 properties, significantly enhancing the living experience and amplifying investment returns.

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