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Rental Management

What Are The Differences Between Lease-to-Manage and Rental Management With Us?

All the property preparation work, furniture, and electrical appliances for your property are provided by you; our management team can provide advice and guidance if needed.


Rather than the upfront sum, our team will collect 20-25% of the net rental income of short-term rental listing as our management fee.

Submit Your Intent to Partner With Us

Interested in working with us? You may submit an inquiry by emailing us at After receiving your intention, our team will reach out to you to schedule a phone or video call to obtain some preliminary information about you and your property. Please present your House Title during the meeting as proof of ownership. 

On-site Inspection

Upon verification of home ownership and your intent to continue in the process, our customer services team will reach out to you to make an appointment for an on-site inspection.

During the inspection, our team will diligently inspect the property to assess the interior and exterior conditions. We will also communicate with you to learn your requirements and then communicate the possibility and plan for house upgrades.

Quote and Planning

We will quote your monthly income based on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to the condition of your property, amenities/appliances available, and more. We will also evaluate the local market to get you a fair and competitive monthly rental rate.


The house upgrade plan will be tailored according to the property's situation and your comfort level with upgrades. We will discuss in-depth the type of work we plan on conducting and provide a realistic timeline.

Contract Agreement

Once we reach a mutually beneficial plan, our legal team will prepare a co-hosting agreement for you to sign. Our team is available throughout the process, and you can approach us should you have any questions. 


Once the contract is signed and validated, you will pay a retainer for the property upgrade fee.

Property Upgrades

Our team begin working on the property and execute the upgrades according to the agreed-upon plan. We may add on bathrooms (if any), make necessary repairs, paint and clean, and supply furniture and electrical appliances. Furthermore, we will install smart home devices such as video doorbells, smart locks, intruder alarm systems, and more to improve home security.

Market Launch

Upon completion of all necessary upgrades, we will begin operating the property.

We will provide you with a login to our property management portal so that you can view the monthly income and the status of your listing.

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Get In Touch

Whether you are ready to work with us or have questions that need to be answered, reach out today! We provide complimentary consultations.

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