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We Are Sulifeinn.

We're here to provide you with an elevated property investment experience.

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Who We Are

Sulifeinn is a multifunctional living space operator that delivers an immersive community environment with competitive rates, hotel-grade services/amenities, and flexible lease terms. Its core target audience comprises students, professionals, and digital nomads seeking co-living spaces.


Having commenced operations as the Rental Operation Division of Falcon Signs, Sulifeinn expanded to managing a portfolio of over 300 units within a year. As a result of its swift growth, it has recently become an autonomous entity, effective February 2023.


Falcon Signs has been a preeminent provider of real estate agent services in Southern California since its inception in 1989. It’s proud to serve over 30,000 agents with unparalleled service and support.

The Market Demand is on the Rise.

The severe shortage of available housing has led to an imbalance between the demand and supply, driving real estate prices to unsustainable heights. We recognizes this challenge and offers a more affordable and space-efficient housing option to people struggling to find affordable housing.

We also prioritizes resource sharing, waste reduction, and low-carbon practices - in line with the current mainstream consensus of environmental awareness and sustainable development.

Capitalize Rental Market Potentials


Investment properties sold in the U.S. every year - 33% of market share. Over 15 million properties are available in the rental market per year.


Residential rental market value in the United States


California's commitment to build additional units of housing by 2025 to address and respond to California's housing crisis.


Active short-term rental properties on AirBnb (U.S.). STRs enhance the ROI in real estate and generate substantial employment opportunities.


Annual revenue of the short-term rental market in the United States.


Average income from short-term rental property in California

Why Choose Us

Expert Advisor Matching

We match your advisor based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the specific zip code/neighborhood you're interested in investing in. We guides you through every step of the process with our in-depth understanding of the vital details that drive successful real estate investments.

We Invest in Your Success

With the support of our strong venture capital backing, we are fully committed to ensuring your success in the real estate market. By providing expert assistance with strategic property upgrades upon your property purchase, we aim to drive significant appreciation and maximize the return on your investment.

Stabilizing Income and Value

Our dedicated management team maximizes revenue opportunities by effectively managing rental income, and our maintenance team ensures that your property is kept in optimal condition, safeguarding your investment through expert care and attention.


Our Commitments

We spend the last three years developing an investment income model for properties, incorporating comprehensive data analysis and insights.

Real estate partners in SoCal with extensive knowledge of the merits and challenges of each property.

Professional operations team to maintain the optimal condition of your property with a low vacancy rates.

Award-winning design team to unlock the full potential of each property through re-imagination of unique features and highlights.

Highly competent legal team to ensure that every aspect of business operations is executed with impeccable attention to detail.


Hide and Seek
Cozy Living Room

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Whether you are ready to work with us or have questions that need to be answered, reach out today! We provide complimentary consultations.

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