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Simplify Your Income Stream

We're your trusted partner in the real estate rental industry. We're ready to serve you with Lease-to-Manage.

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What is Lease-to-Manage?

Unlike traditional real estate or vacation home management firms, our Lease-to-Manage offers an industry-disrupting method for revenue sharing.


You should begin to make revenue as soon as you decide to work with us. You should start to see the return on investment on day one. Hence, we will provide up to 5% of the home's market value upfront in a lump sum.

Our Lease-to-Manage also includes our Property Enhancement services, which offers numerous measurements and technologies to increase the revenue of your property, and our Professional Management service to retain your property values.

Our program leverages cutting-edge technology and comprehensive strategies to boost property revenue, enhance property value, and elevate tenant satisfaction. This distinctive partnership ensures consistent benefits to the investment, further underlying our commitment to delivering professional management services of the highest caliber.

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Benefits of our Lease-to-manage program

Lock-in Revenue Upfront

Enhance your purchasing power or get early return on investment by securing 5% of the market value of the home upfront, in lump sum.

Professional Maintenance

Utilize the services of our professional maintenance team to keep the home in peak condition.

Complimentary Home Improvement

Enjoy a tailored and complimentary upgrade plan to significantly increase the property's value.

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