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Rental Income Booster


Our ADU Inn offers an innovative solution for investors seeking to maximize the property's potential by transforming underutilized garage spaces into a flexible space, or an ensuite that rivals the experience of a four-star hotel.

Fully Furnished, Beautifully Designed.

What are the Benefits of Adapting ADU Inn?

Give Renters the Quality They Deserves

The design, construction, and furnishing of ADU Inn follow the standard of four-star hotel rooms. It means that the renters can enjoy the quality of star-rated hotels at the price of short-term rentals.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our ADU Inn comes with the pre-build bone structure, and can be installed, up and operation-ready within a few days, along with any necessary plumbing, electrical and safety protocols.

Durable and Sustainable Materials

Our ADU Inn is built with aluminum alloy. Known as the green metal, aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly metals because it is highly sustainable.

Increase Your ROI

Stylized and equipped with a full bathroom, separate living room, and bedroom, our ADU Inn completely surpasses the experience of a typical master bedroom. It can significantly increase the income of short-term rentals by at least 30%.

Hide and Seek

Adapt and Earn

Are you ready to take your rental home to the next level and increase your income? Get in touch with us today for a complimentary assessment and quote to see how we can integrate our ADU Inn into your home!

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