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Our Sulife Smart Home Line

Upgrade to a Smart Home

Smart Protection

Stay protected, 24/7.


Smart Siren

A device that will sound an alarm when suspicious activity is detected while prompting a security alert through the mobile application.


Window/Door Sensor

A Bluetooth window/door sensor that protects your windows and doors. Catches and receives alerts on your smartphone instantaneously.Stick to any doors and windows.


Indoor Camera

A 360 degrees view indoor camera with 1080p HD sharp live stream capability, completed with night vision and 2-way audio, and automatic motion detection.

Smart Access

Never get locked out again.


Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows walk-up visitors to connect with occupants and easily access the property. Record the encounter for security measurements.


Sulife Lock

A secure and versatile smart home door lock enables remote locking and unlocking or passcode entry with a keypad accessory.


Sulife Lock Keypad

An encrypted keypad to unlock the door using preset codes, or issue one-time code for temporary access.

Smart Experience

Elevate and automate.


Smart Light Switch

Retrofit traditional light switches into smartswitches. Control light setting remotely throughthe mobile application toquickly turn on orofflights.


Wi-Fi Outlet Plug

Control appliances with a smart wireless outlet plug with remote access through mobile application or voice commands. Set timers, schedules, and scenes based on all settings.


Light Sensor

Detects the lightness of the room to automatically turn on/off lights during scheduled time of the day and reduce energy waste.

Hide and Seek

Adapt and Earn

Are you ready to take your rental home to the next level and increase your income? Get in touch with us today for a complimentary assessment and quote to see how we can integrate our ADU Inn into your home!

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